Tourism, new technologies, and future generations

 December 6-7, 2022

The main goal of this event is to encourage Iranian students to think big and look for more innovations in the tourism industry as current, and future generations' needs can be far different from the previous ones.

6th to 7th Dec 2022



Tourism Startup Weekend

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During a two-day competition, the selected projects will have the chance to learn about different aspects of running a start-up and how they can present them. In addition, each project will receive the help and advice of the mentors in order to maximize the feasibility and outcomes of their projects. By the end of the two-day training, teams will present their projects, and the judges will choose the winning group(s).
The outcome of the student start-up weekend: This will help Iranian students to introduce their potential projects to the tourism market. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to get familiar with the French tourism and innovation culture. Finally, this will inspire them to have a bigger picture of their own project as France is one of the most successful tourism destinations.

 Three rounds

Competition Process

1st roundAll the project ideas (Max 2 pages) must be sent to the scientific committee
2nd round10 projects will be selected for the two-day competition
3rd roundThe winning group(s) will take part in the student start-up weekend in France

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31 October 2022

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Emmanuel Bobin

founder & manager of Open Tourism Lab

Soodeh Habibi

Co-founder & Commercial Director, REWISE

Jean-Charles Denain

Entrepreneurship projects manager

5th DAY6,7 Dec 2022

Holding Event

6,7 Dec 2022

4th DAY7 Nov 2022

Announcing the top 10 teams to participate in Startup Weekend

7 Nov 2022

3rd DAY24 Oct 2022

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24 Oct 2022

2nd DAY31 Oct 2022

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31 Oct 2022

1st DAY1 Sep 2022

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